Modern Home Exterior

Due Diligence

CB Home Design will perform examination of zoning, municipal codes, existing characteristics, and client needs and objectives to determine the most effective use of a property. They will provide you with a Property Characteristic Report, outlining all legal aspects of the property, as well as what would be required to build different options. This service is ideal for homeowners, buyers looking into a new home, developers, and real estate professionals selling a home.


CB Home Design will provide with you with the necessary drawings and plan sets needed to acquire the necessary permits. They specialize in new single-family units, duplexes, residential additions, and new accessory dwelling units (ADUs). They can help you understand all the necessary requirements of your project, while still accomplishing your desired purpose and aesthetic. When working with CB Home Design, you are working with professionals that know how to get your job done.

Engineering Tools
Blue Print


CB Home Design can help you navigate the tricky process of dealing with the city’s permitting process. They know first-hand that it can be stressful going back and forth for corrections. They can take that stress away by submitting plans for plan check, coordinating corrections, obtaining clearances with all relevant departments, and quickly and efficiently obtain your permits. CB Home Design has extensive knowledge of the plan check and permitting procedure and can accelerate your process.optimal solutions.